PITH's PolAdmin - The Complete Solution

Insurance Software that incorporates all you need for Underwriting, Claims, Accounting and Reports.

Premium Collection

Our system ensures that the correct commission and collected premiums are paid to the supplier, whether the insurer or a VAP provider, taking the stress out of monthly payments.

Keep Track

Complicated reports are a thing of the past. Our accurate and easy to set up sales reports allow tracking of policy and premium movements per marketer.

Product Features


File Cabinet

Store claims and underwriting documents securely in the cloud, with easy access from the policy.

Simply Workflow

Employees save time by accessing all their workflow needs in one easy-to-use system.

Access Anywhere

The PolAdmin system is stored on the cloud, so you can access your policies, reports and files from anywhere in the world.
  • Easy capture of client and item details
  • Keep history of information passed on to the client.
  • Agent’s loss ratio available at quote time.
  • Link in to big underwriter’s black box (e.g. Regent or Renasa black boxes) to get the correct premiums for the given risk parameters.
  • Easy access to policies.
  • Can Integrate with Trans-Union insurance scores if required.
  • Calculate pro-rata’s on Main risk premium and VAPS separately.
  • Annual discount if required.
All the collections, Endorsements, unpaids and cancellations are handled correctly.

  • You get a summary report indicating how much needs to be paid to each supplier.
  • You get a detailed recon showing for each policy how much was paid over to whom.
  • Bordereaux reports for all VAP suppliers.
  • Check item insured when loading a claim.
  • Can print the last schedule that the client received before the claim to get clarity on the client’s cover at the time.
  • Electronic document archive available for each claim.
The Acid test for insurance

  • Loss ratio analysis reporting to show clearly what the claim vs premium profit / loss was for a specific period (factors in IBNR [incurred but not reported] claims).
  • Automatic renewals can be configured where the client’s loss ratio determines the increase percentage for the renewal.
  • Shown on the policy (total loss ratio and YTD).
  • Reporting Capabilities 95% 95%
  • Accounting Facilities 70% 70%
  • Ease of Use 85% 85%

What Our Users Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our users do the talking!

The policy cover is readily available , you are able to see endorsements immediately which may affect the claim.

Claims history and loss ratios available instantly and in real time.

Automatic diary system is the best – saves time and means claims don’t get overlooked or left open or unattended for longer than necessary.

Payment system is secure. New payees can be loaded quickly

Sue J.

Claims Consultant

I love the convenience of being able to save an email with all its attachments to the file cabinet of the claim.
Jani R.

Claims Consultant

This system is extremely helpful when searching for applicable information and reports. The system can be tailored to specific needs which certainly helps dealing with large volumes of information. I prefer this system to others I have used, due to the friendly and courteous support team and the great functionality.
Graeme S.



Our pricing options are structured to offer the best value at the most affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What about compliance?
A: The system helps you to be FAIS compliant: – We do regular backups and restores; and can export data to AQUTE for you if required.
Q: Can you migrate policies to the PolAdmin system.
A: Yes – we can do bulk imports of data.
Q: What about the paperless office solution?
A: The system has built in document archive designed and tested in a paperless environment. Also, there is a complete electronic history of all schedules and quotes produced by the system.
Q: Can I buy the system – source code and all?
A: No – but you can buy a version of the system with one year’s support.

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