Low maintenance software solutions

If the solution works, and you don’t need some-one to come and fix it every week or so, then it’s easy to take the system for granted.

The Perfect IT Solution

So a good I.T. solution must have clearly defined information requirements and defined processes, and should be easier to use than the system it is replacing.

Legacy System Integration

Ongoing maintenance should be a matter of growing the system because of the company’s growing needs.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions do all the maintenance for you. All your backups, storage issues and software updates are taken care of – no in-house-skills required.

Existing System Integration

If you already have infrastructure then you’ve spent money setting it up and getting the support processes in place. Our systems can then be installed on your premises if you have a larger operation that prefers to have all their software managed locally.

Extend your Reach

We can also help if you have existing systems that are now a bit dated, and you need to extend them to take advantage of the benefits of newer technology.

What our clients have to say

I enjoy the convenience of the renewals as sending renewals out monthly is effortless, as well as confirmation of cover and the Border letter feature. Dual insurance refunds can be done with ease, and your system is easy to use and navigate.
Fuad J.

Underwriting Consultant, Cross Country Insurance

Your system is both comprehensive and  intuitive, a rare combination for business software . One of the most outstanding features for me is how easily the system can be adapted or modified to meet my changing business requirements.
Mike L.


Claims are easy to register, the questions follow a logical sequence and have all the information one may require from a statistical perspective. Much of the information is pulled through from the policy saving time  and eliminating much human error. There are ample reports, concise, relevant and easily accessible which makes managing the business straightforward and new reports can be requested as business needs dictate.
Sue J.

Claims Consultant